Slow Fashion

Each piece we create is intentionally designed and made in the UK, with detail focused construction and fabrics draped to evoke sultry glamour.

Slow fashion is woven into the DNA of our brand, symbolised by the slow movement of the earth around the sun, inspiring the creation of our unique logo and mirrored in our thoughtful design and production processes.

Ethics/ CSR/ Sustainability

We are committed to growing our brand with minimal environmental impact.
We take these words seriously and we will openly drive these conversations, not hide from them.
We know that we aren’t perfect and we know we have a great deal of work to do, but we want to be as transparent as possible in the steps we are taking to act as a responsible and kind brand.

UK Designed and Made

All of our products are designed and made in the UK using locally knitted, quality fabrics.
The foundation of our business is built upon a drive to create a brand committed to supporting a local supply chain, reducing our carbon footprint and behaving consciously kinder towards our planet and people.
We design purposefully and slowly, our work is not trend driven. We want you to choose a piece that you love, in the hope that you will reach for it over and over again for years to come.
We work closely and directly with our manufacturers, using transparent costing processes, ensuring that everyone in the supply chain is able to make a profit and maintain standards. We will never use unfair buying practices such as retrospective discounting and price wars.
All our products are made by wonderful, family run manufacturers, who work tirelessly to support their local workforce, these manufacturers are audited to the highest standards and work within the principles of our Code of Conduct, transparency and honesty.


We take our time to choose the perfect fabrics for each style we create, with an emphasis on quality and longevity.
We focus on the use of locally knitted fabrics so that we can ensure that limited wastage and overproduction occurs in our supply chain.
We are working hard to source and use more locally sourced sustainable fabric options such as recycled polyester or plant based fabrics. We will keep updating you as we continue to make progress on this goal.

Made to Order and Small Production Runs

Our pieces are produced made to order or in small production runs. Overproduction of garments is devastating to our planet with unsold garments ending up burned or in landfill therefore our production is demand driven and collections are available in limited numbers, only restocked based on pre-order demand.

Circularity and our Carbon Footprint

We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and create an eco-friendly brand.
Our garments are designed, sampled and produced within a 10-mile radius in the UK, with fabrics knitted on our doorstep by local family run businesses.
All of our samples, damaged or unsold garments are donated to local charities.
All of our garment bags are produced from fabric offcuts to avoid using plastic packaging and reduce excess fabric wastage.
We use 3D Design technology to create realistic 3D imagery of our garments, this enables us to reduce the amount of sampling and fabric wastage in the design process.
We are on a journey to becoming a carbon neutral business but in the meantime we are working in partnership will Zellar to plant trees and invest in local charitable projects in order to offset our carbon footprint and our manufacturers are doing the same.

Inside our factories

We want you to know that we take our commitment to transparency seriously. Come with us as we visit our UK based manufacturing partner and meet their team.